Regs Saves Lives

Why REGS Safety

Getting trapped in a submerged car, is one of the biggest nightmares.
Due to an accident, or caused by floodings.
The problem causes several thousands of casualties every year.

As research has shown, causes water a total shutdown of the electrical systems of windows and doors within seconds. Less known is that, even if the systems keep working, that gives no guarantee that windows and doors actually can be opened. The pressure of the water from the outside, pressed against the rubber profiles, is another serious hurdle.
Every expert nowadays emphasises, that in case a car gets into deep water, the only way out is trough the side windows, and that as soon as possible. 
Emergency hammers in fact are the help in last resort, but the ultimate solution for the problem is REGS.

The system guarantees a way out, by automatically shattering the side windows when internal sensors, placed inside the car, when they detect a serious threat of water

Drowning in cars
Panic is a big factor
REGS is the key

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