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FreshCube Express

Always optimal freshness, always convenient and mobile

As nitrogen is allowed into the box through the entry valve hole, it starts to fill the interior, pushing the oxygen out the exit valve hole. The nitrogen can't escape because the exit hole is only open to oxygen, so it's trapped inside the box, together with the cut lettuce, fresh salad, fruit, fish, meat or leftovers.

Suddenly, the damaging oxygen is no longer a threat to freshness. The food is safely stored and the box can be placed in your fridge or a cool box.

You might be wondering what the source of nitrogen actually is. Perhaps you have soda machine at home, which pushes carbon-dioxide into a liquid to make carbonated drinks, or soda pops. Those require refill that are often even difficult to get. We're proud to say that in our solution, the needed gas comes from the air and never requires a refill besides a bit of healthy ventilation.
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The FreshCube

Always optimal freshness, always convenient

FreshCube protects your fresh foods when they're at their most sensitive. On the FreshCube Express page, the benefits of a small scale portable container was shown.
That universal solution can be combined with all fridge types.

Meat, fish, fruit and most vegetables benefit hugely by removing oxygen exposure. The trick is, different product categories need different storage conditions, both in temperature and low-oxygen intensity. With the fridge integrated FreshCube it's possible to realize those conditions.

The fridge with FreshCube technology inside, offers the optimal environment for your foods.

In practice, this reduces waste, and moreover, it always guarantees you have fresh food stored for use, whether unopened, or as left-over’s, even when the original packaging protecting it was already discarded. It's a solution that is friendly to your taste buds, the environment and your wallet.

A second benefit of having an kitchen-integrated FreshCube system is the availability of a built-in nitrogen flush source. Of course, this is normally used for the FreshCube, or the FreshCube Express, but if you think about it, a great deal of other products also benefit from a low-oxygen environment. A bottle of wine for example, turns acid and loses flavor after opening, and fresh fruit juices turn stale and discolor very quickly.
FreshCube technology make those problems disappear, not with magic, but with versatile smartness.
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Ripe Tablet

What's the number one annoyance when buying fruits and vegetables, especially the more exotic ones like Mango, Melon and Avocado? That's right, them being unripe and therefore unfit for use when you want to use them.

FreshCube wouldn't be FreshCube if we didn't find a solution to fix that ongoing tragedy, so after searching for inspiration and doing a great deal of research, we came up with a new "ripening as you wish" concept. It's called a RipeTablet

You probably know regular scavengers as those little white sacks filled with beads that you can sometimes find in packs of dried food snacks. These little pouches usually absorb moisture and sometimes certain environmental gasses to protect the product. Ripe Tablets don't absorb anything, but instead they release something, in this case a very effective and 100% natural ripening gas.

Once unpacked from its sleeve, the added Ripe Tablet will start to slowly and very evenly release ripening gas in the storage box.

Fortunately, Ripe Tablets' timed slow release ensures the fruits ripen fast and evenly. That way fruit is always ready on demand, so you can enjoy the fruits when you want, with the ripeness that you love. That's actually both a convenience, and a health benefit, as ripe fruit is regarded as the better choice.
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FreshCube XL

The ideal FreshCube solution for professional users

FreshCube XL is the innovation for the Professional users in restaurants and large-scale food preparation and gastronomic facilities. FreshCube XL offers the same benefits of FreshCube, but at a much larger scale and with an additional system for on-demand temperature control.

Only FreshCube XL technology is able to facilitate a low temperature without ever going in freezing territories. A conventional cooling system would simply float around that point and cause frostbite also known as cold injury, where the product freezes. If that happens even once, for just a few seconds, you can kiss your premium fresh salads good bye.

FreshCube will ensure your business has less product waste due to spoilage due to the
cutting-edge climate control.
Through the ability to use smaller portions regardless of the frequency it offers more culinary options at lower discarding cost.

Your kitchen logistics will become more dynamic. With FreshCube, you decide what you need and take, on demand, every time, all the time.
The storage system will sort out the ideal storage conditions, at your service.
FreshCube takes away the weakest link in your process, FreshCube empowers your business to optimize and never sacrifice quality.

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