Natural Safety Systems, fighting fire using nature.

The Principle

Fire needs more oxygen than people do. Fire needs more than 16 % oxygen to burn. The air has 21 % oxygen, while a person can survive on less than 10 % oxygen for a short period of time. Using low-oxygen air to extinguish a fire is called: Hypoxic fire-fighting, a proven technology.

The innovation behind Natural Safety Systems placing one central pressure tank, which is filled with hypoxic air, making the system work over a larger area. This central solution for Natural Safety Systems provides an innovative and affordable approach, which is the key to make hypoxic fire-fighting the new standard.

Urban, Residential and Public Areas
Windmill parks

Meer Informatie

Watch this introductary animation. Explaining the principles of hypoxic fire-fighting and the innovation of Natural Safety System, that makes hypoxic fire-fighting work over a larger scale and as such cost-effective.

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